Both towns will have polls open from 8am-8pm!
Kingston: Swasey Gym
Newton: Town Hall

In Newton, call (978) 790-5100 to get a ride from the Fire Department to the polls!

Newton Town Hall Website
Kingston Town Hall Website

Warrant Articles and Voting Day

Voting Day is Tuesday, March 14th from 8am-8pm.

Kingston Voting: Swasey Gym
Newton Voting: Town Hall

Warrant Articles 

School District Budget (amended at the Deliberative Session): Article 3
Professional Staff Contract: Article 4 – VOTE YES!
Support Staff Contract: Article 6 – VOTE YES!

Articles 5 and 7 – ask the voters to hold a special meeting in the event the contracts are defeated – VOTE YES!
Sample School Ballot – Kingston
Sample School Ballot – Newton

Professional and Support Staff Contracts

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Why Vote Yes?

The SRSD schools, administration, staff, and students have been recognized at the local, state, and national level in a wide variety of areas including: competency based education, professional learning communities, technology, leadership, scholarship, athleticism, and the arts.  

We experienced extremely high staff turnover in the past year, but previous to that we saw a very low rate – years when we did have contracts.  History shows that failed contracts lead to higher turnover.  Retaining our dedicated staff leads to consistency in the classroom – a proven predictor of student success that also protects the investments the district has made in training staff

Sanborn is at a precipice – success lies heavily upon community support.  That support renews the sense of purpose, strength, and devotion amongst the staff towards the work they are so very passionate about – the education of the children of Kingston, Newton, and Fremont.  

We continue to evaluate, modify, and strengthen curriculum, instruction, and assessment to meet the needs of students in a modern and ever-changing society.

Remaining competitive attracts highly qualified staff

These agreements support our NEASC accreditation

A quality school system attracts homebuyers and businesses, thus increasing the tax base.  


Tax Impact

Professional Staff:
2017-2018 – $502,882
2018-2019 – $545.094

Kingston Estimated Tax Rate:
2017-2018 – .41/$1,000 = $81/$200,000, $122/$300,000
2018-2019 – .44/$1,000 = $/$200,000, $132/$300,000

Newton Estimated Tax Rate:
2017-2018  – .46/$1,000 = $93/$200,000, $140/$300,000
2018-2019 – .50/$1,000 = $102/$200,000, $152/$300,000

Support Staff: 
2017-2018 – $71,153
2018-20919 – $75,786

Kingston Estimated Tax Rate for Year 1
2017-2018 – .06/$1,000 = $11/$200,000, $18/$300,000
2018-2019 – .06/$1,000 = $11/$200,000, $18$300,000

Newton Estimated Tax Rate:
2017-2018 – .06/$1,000 = $14/$200,000, $20/$300,000
2018-2019 – .07/$1,000 = $16/$200,000, $23/$300,000

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